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Fortress Performance Indoor/Outdoor is a 100% solution dyed acrylic offering has superior durability and clean-ability while maintaining an exceptionally soft hand. Manufactured in the USA, these fabrics are fade resistant, breathable and the perfect product to decorate your home, in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fortress Performance Indoor/Outdoor fabrics are easy to maintain and are bleach cleanable


Fortress Performance Indoor/Outdoor’s characteristics give the fabric water, oil and stain resistant properties while boasting the best abrasion resistance in the industry. Solution dyeing is a unique process in which the dye is added with UV stabilizers while the fiber is still in raw form. This locks the color in so that it resists sun fading and discoloration from chlorine. Solution-dyed acrylic also boasts inherent stain resistant properties. Fortress Performance Indoor/Outdoor is treated with an additional stain resistant finish, further enhancing the performance of the fabric. These fabrics are easy to maintain and bleach cleanable.

Fortress Performance Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics are:

Bleach Cleanable
Water & Stain Resistant
UV/Fade Resistant
Soft & Comfortable
5 Year Warranty

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